Industrial Plastic Painting

Robotic Painting Services
Painting Plastic Parts Since 2002

In addition to injection molding, BRI offers plastics painting services. Whether your product’s paint requirements are decorative or functional, BRI’s engineering staff can help you successfully complete your painting project.  

Plastics Painting

The automated paint line, with specialized conveyors for rotating parts and robots for surface preparation and painting, provides a high throughput to make specialized painting an economical option for your product. The paint line can handle larger parts, such as a 24x24x3 inch lid, and smaller parts, which require specific areas to be masked. BRI paints a two-tone, 340 sq. inch area, cylindrical part at a rate of 450 parts per hour. 

Wet on Wet Painting

To insure top quality color, parts are examined under specialty lighting, monitored by video systems, and checked with a color spectrophotometer. Evidence of BRI’s painting knowhow can be found everywhere on literally millions of decorated items, from stylized products inside and outside the home to commercial products coated to protect against sun and weather to collectible hobbyist models.  

Automated, High-volume Industrial Paint Shop