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3D Printing Services – Prototypes, End-Of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT)

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BRI’s 3D printer has a large build area, 19.3x15.4x7.9 inches [490x390x200mm], which can produce a large part or hundreds of small parts.
  • Prototyping: Quickly fabricate a plastic part that looks and feels like the molded part.
  • Design Testing: Fabricate a whole part or just a section of a part to test fit and function of the design. By simulating the actual plastic properties, flex, strength, and snaps can be tested.
  • Marketing Models: Before building an injection mold, take product models to trade shows and customers for feedback. Parts built by the 3D printer can be readily finished and painted to match the appearance and feel of injection molded plastic.
  • Fixtures and Tooling: 3D printed parts can also function as fixtures and tooling in your facility. The 3D printer can produce elaborate geometries, integral assemblies, built-in gaskets, and temporary molds.        
BRI Can Simulate More Than 100 Material Properties
3D Printing Image

3D printing, the technology everyone is talking about, is at your service at Blue Ridge Industries. Our 3D printer offers a wide range of options for quickly fabricating highly detailed, parts and assemblies. A 3D model on your computer screen is a nice picture, but a real part in hand lets you truly understand the feel and function.

  • HP Jet Fusion 540
  • –      Multi-jet Fusion (MJF) technology
  • –      Nylon 12 Material
  • –      1200 dpi resolution
  • –      Max Build Volume:
  • 13.1 x 7.5 x 9.8 in
  • 111 in 3/hr
  • –      Build Layer H: 0.003 in
3D Printing Services - Industrial, Commercial, Consumer Products
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • More Than 100 Plastic and Rubber Materials Simulated
  • Fine Details – Up to 600 dpi
  • Large Build Area – 19.3 x 15.4 x 7.9in [490 x 390 x 200mm]
  • Readily Painted for Injection Mold Look
  • Design Testing
  • High-Temperature Materials for Molds
  • Reasonable cost vs. milling or casting
Today, Blue Ridge Industries knows being the best involves much more than high quality products. It requires an array of critical, value-added services to make the complete project a success.
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Located in Virginia, along the I-81 corridor, BRI serves many customers in Northern Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley, and along the east coast, as well as, companies across the country.

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