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BRI's Injection Molding Markets

Blue Ridge Industries works with customers to insure their product meets market requirements. Whether a part must be molded from a certified material, a color must be painted to match a specific standard, or components must be assembled and inserted into end-user packaging, BRI can help make it happen. Listed below are markets served by BRI and some product examples.

Commercial Products
  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Vending Machine Components
  • Brackets
Medical Components
  • Sharps Disposal Bins and Wall Mounts
  • Insert Molding Interior Components
Commercial Construction
  • Railing Components
  • Conduit for Precast Concrete
  • Raised Flooring Panels
Residential Construction
  • Roofing Components
  • Railing Components
  • Deck Fasteners
  • Cosmetic Components
Consumer Products
  • Power Tool Components
  • Sporting Goods Storage Solution Components
  • Outdoor Living Accessories
  • Tackle Boxes
  • Plant Tag Stakes
Commercial Products
  • Beverage Transportation Crates
  • Underground Utility Locator Components
Food Service
  • NSF Food Service Products
Our Mission

Creating Quality Solutions through Dedicated Partnerships, Integrity, Efficiency, and Teamwork

Today, Blue Ridge Industries knows being the best involves much more than high quality products. It requires an array of critical, value-added services to make the complete project a success.
Creating Quality Solutions Since 1985

Located in Virginia, along the I-81 corridor, BRI serves many customers in Northern Virginia, in the Shenandoah Valley, and along the east coast, as well as, companies across the country.

Injection Molded Commercial Parts
Injection Molding of Commercial Parts
Medical Molded Plastics
Medical Molded Plastics
Custom Molded Barbeque Accessory
Custom Molded Barbeque Accessory
Precision Molded Pipe & Cable Locator
Precision Molded Pipe & Cable Locator
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