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Pad Printing – Hot Stamping – UV Printing – In Mold Decorating

A Number of Decorating Methods Available

Pad Printing Plastic Decoration

Pad Printing

Pad printing works by picking up ink from an engraved plate with a silicone pad, then applying it to the surface of a part. BRI uses both single color and 4-color pad printers to apply text, logos, and simple artwork to parts.

Hot Stamping Plastic Decoration

Hot Stamping

Ideal for small text and logos, hot stamping uses a heated die to embed a plastic surface with a colored foil. BRI can stamp your logo onto a plastic part with a variety of colored foils.

UV Digital Plastic Decoration

UV Digital Printing

UV Digital Printing enables BRI to apply complex artwork and photographs to plastic surfaces. This technology takes inkjet printing to a whole new level. Like a standard inkjet printer, the BRI UV Digital Printer prints high resolution, full color images and text. Unlike a standard inkjet printer, the UV Digital Printer can print onto surfaces with height variations of up to 0.10 inches [2mm]. After application, the UV Digital Printer cures the ink with ultraviolet light to make it permanent. The BRI UV Digital Printer has a print area of 24x16.5inches [610x420mm] (maximum part height = 5.9inches [150mm]), which allows it to print on large parts or many small parts.

In Mold Plastic Decoration

In-Mold Decorating

This process permanently attaches a pre-printed piece of artwork to a plastic part. In-mold plastic decoration entails placing a pre-printed sheet in the injection mold, before it closes. The sheet is typically held in place by a static charge, while the mold fills with resin. When the mold opens, the sheet has been fused permanently into the surface of the part. BRI has the experience and knowhow to make In-mold Decorating work for you.

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